WordPress, Tumblr and Typepad are unknown crowd source opportunity for small businesses to reach target audience.

Mini-sites, or websites consisting of a are very popular among small business owners. This is probably because they’re much easier and cheaper to launch than a full-blown website and can relay important information to potential customers. In fact they Mini sites were pioneer of modern social media framework. Nevertheless, online resources such as WordPress, Typepad has millions of users that can be reached by simply creating a presence and linking potential customers on the respective network – just like social networking sites. It’s a quick and efficient way to market directly to the consumer.

Mini sites are basically websites that contain only a few pages, or even just a single sales page, and that focuses on one particular product or product category. The main purpose of Mini sites is to to dismantle information in one single instance – in various presentation form which includes clear graphics, add-ons from Youtube, twitter and other resource place.

Besides socially activating a web presence on Minisites and reaching target audience – these Minisites or so called Web 2.0 websites also establish authority links which are must to gain high positioning in Google SERP. Ebizsubmit launches a new service “MiniSites Marketing” to reach more target customers through Minisites like WordPress, Tumblr ,Typad and StumbleUpon.

Minisites, Squeeze Page or Splash page are a website model – developed in line with Web 2.0. A single page website with all information and link for detail info .In a nutshell Mini sites definitely have an important edge over those large sites. Considering its effectiveness Ebizsubmit helps you build great Mini Sites network with awesome web best design at the lowest rates.

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