According to Opinion Research Corporation, 80% of travelers perform online research prior to booking their travels. That is why it is imperative that hotel owners should spend more on online marketing strategy.

Lately , United Arab Emirates(UAE) has become the most favorite destination for tourist  due to its diverse cultural activities and social development .Today the hotel industry in UAE if one of the glamorous business. Since most of the hotels do international business; SEO management has become most thriving aspect for developing better global publicity.

Below mentioned are simple tips to dramatically boost the visibility of an independent hotel’s online presence.

Before developing your online presence, search for your current online reputation. Try doing a search for the hotel’s name using Google, Bing, and other search engines and see what shows up in the results pages. Are the results pages mostly populated with negative or positive reviews?  If negative content does exist and conveniently appear within the first three pages of results, the best strategy is reducing the visibility of negative content by pushing them down the line with positive content.

The Internet is full of opportunities for independent hotels. Maintaining your site should be the next step. Attract your travelers by putting up attractive images of leisure facilities you offer, appetizing food they can experience .Virtual tour of your hotel will interest travels to book right there. Fill –up your site with most of the relevant information customer’s searches for. Ease them by making booking and payment online in advance. Make your site more users friendly to optimize your desire results. List it in hotel price comparison engine such as or

Many independent hotel managements are unhappy with the small amount of business generated by their website. This should come as no surprise as these website have poor visibility. Here comes your search engine marketing strategy. Online visibility is about creating sources of traffic for your website. The online visibility of your hotel is determined by lots of factors: your website’s Google ranking, your presence in online channels, links to your website, and promotions on Google, Yahoo. With organic generation of online content with your Hotel’s reference and website URL, your website is better visible to the Google Search Engine. The hotel industry serves clients from all over the world, and UAE is after all one of the most frequented travel destinations in the world.

Registering your hotel in the ‘Google local search” will organically help visitors to find you more easily. Google shows as the first result of the search page the Google Maps location of the business, a link to the official website and the address and phone number. This is probably the most valuable link your website.

Embed your website address everywhere, even in personal emails. Studies show that 60% of travelers seek advice from others before their travel decision. Keeping good relations with other online trip advisors should also be a part of your online strategy.
An important factor of attracting visitors to your site is keeping content fresh. There are two ways to attract visitors to your site: Setup a blog and link it to your website. Post press releases that link to pages with fresh content. Write related to time-limited promotions, events, notable activities in the area, funny things that happened in your hotel or relevant changes/upgrades in your property

Use social tools to stay in touch with clients’ .Sign up for twitter, face book fan page, Google page –Maintain your active social media presence. Interact with your potential visitors on daily basis .Especially encourage them sharing their visiting experience with your hotel on your social platform, this dramatically convince other travelers preferring your hotel destination.

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