Advanced Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing and the businesses that utilize it have become more sophisticated. Social media landscape upgrades their features quite rapidly. These advanced features have propelled social media marketing to the next level- advanced social media strategy.

Before moving forward with an advanced strategy, it’s important that your business understands social marketing, has experience engaging consumers, and that you possess a basic understanding of online marketing.

Following are some of the advanced strategies for small businesses that may already have small online communities and understand how to create an online presence, but don’t know what to do next.

Take the Most out of Visual Impact:

We all want to know whom we are dealing with- any picture you put is defiantly worth a thousand words. Consumers are now using the web to look for product pictures and videos; they want more information and want to see what they’re considering buying.

In addition to taking photos of products, you can also take pictures at office events as a way to highlight company culture. This not only helps convince others to work with you or to buy from you, it also helps your company recruit new energetic employees and reflects your company culture. Who doesn’t want to work for a company that celebrates birthdays and has a good time?

Videos are very useful in explaining the complex how-to and other concepts of your services and products. Displaying step-by-step directions to the clients leaves a huge positive impact on them. Moreover, it does not require a lot of investment either.

Integrate Offline and Online Advertising:

A number of small as well as big businesses do one or the other sort of offline advertising, such as radio, cable or print. With the help of social media marketing, these businesses can extend their offline sales. Including your Facebook Page or blog URL in offline ads act as social proof, inviting potential consumers to see your community and increase trust in your business. Integration of offline and online ads help enhancing conversion process and building of your community. Introducing potential consumers to your social profiles means they may join your community now and buy later.

Customized Message:

The idea of customize message or you can say message adaptation is very simple; you can’t wear your favorite pajamas everywhere. It sounds funny but most of the small businesses are following this pattern. They tend to deliver the same message over so many different platforms. However, each social platform has its own ecosystem. Thus, it is recommended to tailor your communications according to individual site. It will help you do well on each social platform. When you customize your messages across different social media, your message tends to spread and prevents users from receiving same multiple communications. Sending appropriately tailored messages also help in maximizing your potential to turn more visitors into clients.

Customers Can’t Find You If You Are Not On the Map

Being visible to consumers looking for a business in their area is extremely important. Make sure your site is included in local business directories in order to help ensure that consumers find you when they need you.

First, make sure you check your competitors. Where are they listed? Check their inbound links to check for business directories you can add yourself to. Also, make sure your business has been added to Google Maps, using the Local Business Center.Take the time to include all the information you can and update any old news. For many consumers, this will be their first interaction with the business.

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