Why Do You Need a Facebook Fan Page for Your Brand

Facebook Fanpage for your BrandIn the dynamically changing marketing world, Facebook fan pages are now an essential element of the marketing strategy of many brands. Brands that fail to recognize this fact are on deemed as out-dated by most people. However, designing a professional looking and creative Facebook fan page requires careful planning and execution.

So how do you get started? The first step towards creating an effective social media presence is to revise your marketing strategy and include SMM as an integral element of your marketing plan. Next, identify your social media target audience and find out what they are looking for. Sending the visitors to a content-laden and boring fan page will get you nowhere.

The biggest advantage that Facebook is now offering brands is the new timeline format. The timeline allows marketers the opportunity to have visually engaging pages, with vibrant images, interactive videos, and attention-grabbing content. Timeline truly offers more branding opportunities then the previous format of Facebook pages.

Marketers must keep in mind when developing a Facebook fan page is that the design and content of the timeline of a page must be consistent with the brand image that it is promoting. A customized should ideally have the following attributes for maximum amount of connectivity with the visitors:

  • A Facebook fan page must have customized Timeline banner and profile images.
  • The fan page also needs to have a customized URL. The advantage of having a customized URL is that it enables brands to stay ahead of their competitors and also increases the traffic to their web pages.
  • The fan page also needs to be search engine optimized.
  • An informative and interactive welcome or landing page.
  • Engaging posts that trigger conversations.
  • If you plan to sell services or products online, the Facebook fan page also needs to have an online store within the fan page.

To have this all (and more) in your Facebook fan page, you require the help of professional Facebook fan page designers, such as Ebizsubmit. Nowadays, it is common for most companies to have Facebook fan pages for their brands. However, only a few know how to get the maximum use out of their fan pages. This is mainly due to having poorly designed fan pages that fail to capture the attention of the visitors and are also unable to boost their pages by engaging the visitors.

Ebizsubmit have an experienced and highly qualified team of professionals that know what your brand needs and ensure that your brand identity and brand promise are integrated into the design of your Facebook fan page.

Developing and maintain a Facebook fan page is as easy as it is difficult. The right social media strategy for your brand requires the right team of Facebook fan page developers to ensure that you get the right start and are able to create a strong social media presence among your competitors. Do it right by choosing the best service possible that provides you with high quality that your brand demands.

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